Hasad Palestine

Largest Medjool date receiving and processing business in Palestine

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Opening of the new Factory Ceremony:

Our Farms are spanned in Jericho and Jifflek areas in Palestine , which are aroused with love by our farmers to produce the best fruits in the area with Golden to Dark Brown color , and with delicious fresh taste

Medjool dates nutrition are unique from other dates. If you’ve ever tried making a healthy recipe that cuts down on refined sugar, or hunted through health stores for a sugar substitute, you’ve probably stumbled upon dates. They have a wide variety of health benefits from promoting digestion to improving your heart health.

Did you know that there are more than 3,000 date varieties around the world?

Dates vary in size, color, texture and sweetness, however, they do not compare to the Medjool. They are widely considered to be the king of all date varieties and are much larger, sweeter and richer in flavor than other date varieties.

Our dates are healthy, delicious and easy to incorporate into lots of different recipes.